Working with PM

It is never too early or late to contact PM Construction regarding your next project. While no two projects are the same, the approach PM takes is the same when considering any job to ensure consistency in communication is in order from the very beginning.


Let’s Meet Face to Face

We value a face to face meeting from the very beginning if possible no matter the size/scope of any project. After evaluating your project, should we agree to be a good fit, we’ll develop a proposal for your project based on your expectations in terms of financing, timeline and resources.

We’ll Send You a Proposal

At PM we supply our clients with a formal proposal and connect afterwards to go over the fine details of the project, question/concerns, timeline/etc. After which, if agreed upon, a professional contract based on the proposal is developed and signed by all parties.

Our Experience

We pride ourselves on a level of transparency and open dialogue to ensure we start and stay on the same page as our clients start to finish. We have the resources and knowledgeable, experienced team in place to complete each project with the same level of passion present at the beginning.